The Review Team have sourced from the most popular on line diet and fitness guides, a selection of 10 products, categorised in two groups and reviewed. One diet group, weight loss is achieved with little or no exercise, the other group of diet guides, are for individuals who require weight loss with fitness, through diet and more serious exercise.

Question:  What sets us apart from other website review sites?

Answer:    Our Review Team continue to monitor the best available on line guides and rank them by Effort order, to ensure you know the diet for the Easiest and Fastest weight loss, either  through nutritional advice, or nutritional advice and increasing fitness levels.



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Each product has it's own warrantee and guarantee criteria, any query would need to be brought to the attention in the first instance of the sourced supplier for assistance. As most of these products are deemed  premium quality, product refunds from the sourced supplier are rare, consequently lifetime updates are offered on these products, in the customers best interests.



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